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Magic Wigglees

Magic Wigglee Worms

Watch the video to see the Magical Worms moving 

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Magic Wigglee Worms

Magic Wigglee Green $4

Magic Wigglee Worm green

Magic Wigglee Pink $4

Magic Wigglee Worm pink

Magic Wigglee Yellow $4

Magic Wigglee Worm yellow

Magic Wigglee Blue $4

Magic Wigglee Worm blue

Magic Wigglee Orange $4

Magic Wigglee Worm orange

Magic Wigglee Purple $4

Magic Wigglee Worm purple

Special Offers

Magic Wigglees 6-pack

6 - Pack Magic Wigglees $20

Magic Wigglees 12-pack

12 - Pack Magic Wigglees $37


1 Magic Wigglee

$ 4 shipping $4

6 - Pack Offer

$ 20 shipping $4

12 - Pack Offer

$ 37 Free Shipping

Customer Reviews

Hi Andra Thank you very much. I have one of these wigglee worms at home that I purchased on Spain a lot of years ago. I tested it with my new cat and she likes it as much as I, so I needed to purchase a big amount for playing with her without thinking that she will broke it and that I couldn't buy it again! Thanks a lot for continuing to sell this item.
Greetings, Andra, We got the Magic Wigglee Worms about a week ago and our 7-year old is delighted, (so am I). I’m pretty sure she’s the only child in the island who has this toy.
I would also like to tell you that I’m impressed with the quality. The ones I had almost 30 years ago fell apart in a few days, your’s are still as if they were new. I’m sure you know everyone says your Magic Wigglee Worms are the best. I now join that chorus. Thank you very much for providing a generous load of happiness to our lives.
Andra, I got the package with the 6 magic wigglees today. My daughter will be thrilled...she loves these things, and it is very hard to find them. Thank you again!
Thanks so much for the extra wigglee worms. They are fine for Cassie as we tie them to a thin stick with string, she loves to chase them. She can bring the worm, complete with stick from the kitchen into the lounge, so we can play with it. The other night I had left the last worm in the packet, close to the stick, on a worktop in the kitchen. She managed to drag the stick and the worm in, dropped them, looking at us as much as to say, well put the worm on the stick then!
I received my order for the Magic Wigglee worm toys. My kids absolutely love them. You have a great product that is fun for all ages. Thanks again,

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